Opulentus post-landing services

Started in 2001, Opulentus immigration services act as bridge between a common person and the immigration authorities. Opulentus post-landing services collects the documents from an aspirant and submits the same before the respective consulates for visa approval in the required format.


The role of Opulentus doesn’t cease here unlike other visa consultancies. Right from the moment you board the flight till you alight, Opulentus will be constantly be in touch with you and provide all the much needed assistance.

Role of Opulentus in Residential Assistance:

There are many cases wherein applicants arrive at the destination and then search for the accommodation.  Searching for a right home within the budget is often a pain in the neck.

Opulentus will shoulder this responsibility to ensure that you are settled in the foreign lands comfortably. It will provide all the rental details and assists you in getting a home of your choice.

Opulentus Extended Support:

Even after getting a residence in the foreign country, Opulentus will ensure that you are safe and comfortable. It contacts the client on regular basis until there’s a sign of assurance that everything is okay with Opulentus client.

As we just don’t want to be another business entity that cares only for currency, we have designed this post-landing services.  For us, client’s happiness matters the most and everything else is secondary.

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