Opulentus – fulfilling the dreams of youngsters

I always wanted to spend a couple of years in USA. As a student, I couldn’t achieve that feat. So, I thought of giving it a shot after I am done with my MBA. Keeping the same in my mind, as soon as I completed my post graduation, I approached Opulentus consultancy based out in Delhi.


They attended to my queries promptly.  In fact, they were happy to see my clear documents and also told me about the need of MBA graduates by several companies in the United States.  In fact, they told me clearly that they would only help in getting a visa and there are also grim chances of visa rejection.

Since all my documents were clear, I nodded for processing of visa without any doubts. It took about three months for the entire process. I got my visa finally last month. I am very happy. My dreams are being fulfilled by Opulentus.

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