Opulentus Anti Fraud Protection Policy

Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus

Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus designed by experts at Opulentus intends to help clients in receiving genuine services in a proper manner. As customer satisfaction and feedback are major priorities, Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus strongly recommends you to follow all the below suggestions and attain a positive experience all through your visa application process.

List of Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus:

Payments to Opulentus and to Opulentus staff:

Asking for a receipt every time you make a payment to Opulentus is the first thing you need to do. However, Opulentus issues receipts along with acknowledgements for all types payments made by its customers. Kindly ensure that you do not make any extra payments for any sort of additional benefits to any of the Opulentus staff. Also bring such things to the notice of the management to further deal with the issue. Professionals employed at Opulentus take up all visa related processes with high level of professionalism according to Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus.

Vendors Referred by Opulentus Staff:

Opulentus will not encourage you to avail any kind of services from vendors suggested by any of the Opulentus staff as per Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus. It is against the company’s policy and getting involved in such things might land you in the risk of deception, for which the company is not responsible.

Deceptive Documentation:

Opulentus assumes that all the information and documents produced by the clients are genuine and is not responsible for cancellation of your visa process due to deceptive documentation. The company solely works based on the documents provided by the applicants as per Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus and does not offer any kinds of documentations to its clients.

Hence, all the clients are requested to produce authentic documents to smoothly complete the visa process and successfully obtain a visa.

Jobs and Assurances under Anti-Fraud Protection Policy of Opulentus:

Opulentus cannot promise a job or visa for any of our applicants as the approvals solely depends on concerned officials, which cannot be influenced by any immigration company. Our job is to market your resume for better job opportunities and carry out visa application processes.

Thus, the approval of any visa solely depends on judgment made by visa officers authorized by respective countries. Even jobs are offered to clients only by employers at their own discretion.

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